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Adjective Girl’s Story

Hi boys and girls,

Hello Ms. Anderson.

Today we are going to talk about something called the eight parts of speech. The Grammar Crew has developed characters for each part of speech to help us remember what each part is about. The parts of speech are the things that we use to make sense of all the things that we say and write.

The part of speech that we will talk about today is called the Adjective. We will use one of The Grammar Crew’s Eight Parts of Speech Characters to help us understand what an adjective is and how we can use it to help us communicate.

Her character name is Adjective Girl ADJECTIVE%20GIRL. Adjective Girl, would you like to tell the class about who you are and how you can help them communicate both written and verbally. Yes Ms. Anderson I would and thank you for the opportunity.

Let me introduce myself to you boys and girls. My name is Adjective Girl.  ADJECTIVE%20GIRL

I am a member of The Grammar Crew’s eight parts of speech family. There are eight members in my family.

All of you use us everyday in the things you write and the things that you say.

Some of you use us without knowing who we are and what we can do to help you communicate.

I am the one who helps you describe Mr. Noun  MRNOUNand Papa Pronoun PAPAPRONOUN.

I hope you know who they are but for those of you who don’t know, I’ll talk about them  for a moment.

Mr. Noun MRNOUNis always the main subject that you are discussing or talking about.

Papa Pronoun PAPAPRONOUN substitutes for Mr. Noun when you are not being very specific about the person, place or thing that you are referring to.

That’s just a little bit about them. Now let’s get back to talking about me and what I can do.

My job is to help you describe them both. Let me give you an example of how I perform my job.

Let’s say you want to tell someone that Theresa is very pretty. I would be the one to show you what Theresa is.  Can anyone tell me where I am in that sentence?

Yes, you are right William.  Adjective Girl  ADJECTIVE%20GIRLwould be the word pretty in that sentence because she would be telling you and showing you what Theresa is.

Now would anyone like to give me an example of a sentence of their own and how I would be used in that sentence?

Okay Beverly let us hear your example. Thank you Adjective Girl. This is my example.

The video we saw last night was very good.

In that sentence Adjective Girl ADJECTIVE%20GIRLyou would be the word good because that would be describing how the movie was.

Yes Beverly, you are correct. That was very nice.

The point that I am trying to make here is, if we think about how we can better utilize the eight parts of speech, we can make our communication both written and verbal much better and more complete.

Does anyone have any questions? Yes Charles, what is your question?

I don’t have a question. I just want to say that now I have a better understanding of the purpose of an Adjective in a sentence. It helps me to describe things. Maybe I should have said I understand the purpose of having Adjective Girl ADJECTIVE%20GIRLin a sentence.  Using your character name makes it more fun and helps make the point.

Well, if anyone has any further questions you can ask your teacher Ms. Anderson or look me up at  Answering questions is one of the many things that we do on the Web site.

Tomorrow, I think you are going to be introduced to another part of speech called a verb. Her character name is Lady Verb LADYVERB3 .  She is another member of The Grammar Crew’s eight parts of speech family. Lady Verb’s job is to show action. She is bursting with excitement and energy. You will really like her.

Eventually you will meet all of the Grammar Crew’s Eight Parts of Speech Characters and after you do, you will see how we all come together in helping you communicate.

Well it was very nice meeting you all.  Remember kids go to our website and meet the other members of our eight parts of speech family.

Always remember The Grammar Crew’s motto: Good Grammar Is Empowering, Use It And Empower Yourself.

Written by The Grammar Crew