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Good Grammar is important and provides many advantages in life:

What do you think are some of the reasons we do not use good grammar?  Post A Comment

How do you think good grammar can benefit you?  Post A Comment

About Us

The Grammar Crew is an organization that creatively uses mass media in virtually all of its configurations as a principal vehicle for illustrating to people of all ages and demographics the importance and unlimited advantages of speaking correctly.

 In ways that are enjoyable, engaging and encouraging for children, students and adults, The Grammar Crew emphasizes the benefits and gains of using good grammar and the disadvantages and missed opportunities that can result from not using good grammar.  Through storytelling, graphic design, competitive learning, motivational speaking and visual appeal we explain, demonstrates and interpret the power of good grammar.

The organization is driven by a family of professionals representing a variety of industries, including, insurance, law enforcement, science, social work and communications, who are all passionate about their shared belief that good grammar is essential to achieving success in every aspect of life.  The Grammar Crew stresses the need for everyone to learn the advantages of using good grammar as early and as often as possible so they don't have to learn through negative experiences the disadvantages of speaking incorrectly such as: not getting the job; not passing the test; not being understood; not understanding; and not making a good impression, etc.

We truly believe in our motto: Good grammar may not be popular but it is powerful.

If we are not wherever we need to be or want to be, let's stop making excuses and get on the road that will take us there and not stop until we get there.