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Good Grammar is important and provides many advantages in life:

What do you think are some of the reasons we do not use good grammar?  Post A Comment

How do you think good grammar can benefit you?  Post A Comment



The Grammar Crew’s Motto: Where ever you go, take good grammar with you.

The Grammar Crew is a host of characters created to promote, encourage and emphasize the importance and benefits of using good grammar.

Some of the characters include Grammar Mom, Grammar Boy, Granny Grammar, Adjective Annie, Lady Verb, Mr. Noun The Good Grammar Girl and a host of other characters.

These fun and entertaining characters will be introduced in various ways including educational formats, entertainment, songs for children, children’s stories, cartoons and  writings etc.

The goal is to show how important and beneficial a simple thing like using good grammar (not perfect grammar) can be in everyone’s’ life.

We hope that everyone will tune in to this exciting endeavor in promoting the use of good grammar.

One of our goals is to encourage everyone to practice good grammar.            

Remember what Adjective Annie says: Practice makes better.

Come join The Grammar Crew and see what using good grammar can do for you.



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