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Good Grammar is important and provides many advantages in life:

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Learn Not Only to Speak Correctly But to Listen as Well

Joy received a phone call on Friday from a representative of Amtrak informing her that they had received her resume. They asked if she would be interested in testing for the position she had applied for.  She quickly jotted down the address and phone number of where the testing would be held. 

Joy was very excited when she arrived for the test.  She was surprised at the number of people who were also testing  that day.  Before the test began, a Regional Manager began to explain general policies of the company. The manager then opened the floor for questions. 

As Joy sat there and listened, she became more and more amazed by the questions that were being asked…….or should I say she was amazed by the way the questions were being asked. 

A woman who was about 40 years of age raised her hand and said “Is we supposed to dress up for work everyday or can we wear jeans?”  The manager, clearly taken back by the way she had asked the question quickly collected himself as he explained that jeans and all casual clothing were acceptable during work hours.

A young man raised his hand next.  “Yo, um I’m sayin like, what happens if we fail this here test, I mean for real yo, ….I aint been in the classroom for awhile, know what I mean? 

Again, the manager tried to compose himself as he answered the question.  Those who do not pass the test today are not eligible for employment now, however you are welcome to take the test again at another time.

Another hand went up….. Where the bathroom at?

Joy wanted to sink deeper and deeper into her chair as she listened to the people speak. 

Finally the manager announced that he would begin to talk about what would happen with those who pass the test. 

“Those who pass the test will attend a six week mandatory classroom training program.  I must stress to all of you that you will only be allowed to miss one day during the course of this classroom training. After the six week program is completed absences are slightly more acceptable.”

A woman in the far right of the room raised her hand. “But I’m sayin’ what if we got kids, How we supposed to do that?”  The manager almost laughed out loud as he answered the unnecessary questions. “Unfortunately the rules don’t bend for individuals who have children. I have been working for this company for twenty years and I raised two kids.  It was not always easy, but company rules are company rules. I guess you need to ask yourself if this is the right position for you.  Any other questions?” 

A man in the front row raised his hand.  “ Hi, how are you doing today?  I recently booked a seven day cruise which is non-refundable.  Will I be excused from class for that?” 

This time the manager did laugh. 

Joy could not believe his question!  This man had impeccable grammar skills, but what good did it do when he asked such an unnecessary question?  A question which the manager had just answered!

The manager proceeded “Again, if you want to successfully complete this program you are only allowed one full day off.  No matter what the situation, no matter what the circumstances.  LET’S TAKE A TEN MINUTE BREAK!”