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Good Grammar is important and provides many advantages in life:

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The Interview

Karen and Jacqueline, friends since the first grade decided to apply for employment at the Best Bank and Trust. The bank had placed an ad for a Front Desk Receptionist. Karen was the first to be interviewed. Her interview lasted The Interviewapproximately twenty five minutes. Her friend Jacqueline was interviewed next. Jacqueline’s interview lasted approximately ninety minutes. Karen waited for Jacqueline and when her interview was over they both left together. While walking to Jacqueline's car, Karen asked Jacqueline why her interview took so long. Jacqueline smiled proudly and boasted about how she thought the interviewers were impressed with how she presented herself. The two girls began to compare interviews. Karen said the interviewer asked me "what is your name and where do you live?" Karen said I told the interviewer that my name is Karen Turner and I live at 1234 North Highway . One of the interviewers then asked what part of the city is that address located in. Karen said I told the interviewer that I did not understand the question. She stated since she could not think of the correct name of her section of the city she said it's in the hood. Karen then stated one of the interviewers asked me what my goals were in reference to employment at The Best Bank and Trust. Karen said I told them that I wanted a job so that I could do some things with my life. I told them that like I want to be able to move from my Momma's house and get my own stuff, you know what I mean Jacqueline. Then one of the interviewers asked me what grades I received in High School. I told them that I got good grades like a couple of B's but mostly C's. They told me after that, thank you for applying and they will keep my application on file. Jacqueline, what did they ask you?  Jacqueline looked at Karen and said they asked me the same questions but I answered them differently. When I finished answering the questions you just talked about, they asked me some follow up questions. Well Jacqueline, tell me what answers you gave them people. When I was asked where I lived I gave my address. When I was asked what part of the city that address was located I said it's in  Lexington . When I was asked what grades I received in High School I said A's and B's and then I stated I also made the Honor Roll. What else did they ask you Jacqueline? I was also asked what my goals were in reference to employment with The Best Bank and Trust. I stated to them that I am a hard worker; I wanted to learn more about the banking industry, have a career and definitely be an asset to The Best Bank and Trust. Jacqueline how did you learn to talk so fancy and use big words, we both grew up together and went to the same schools? Karen, I don't mean to put you down at all, but I think I took school a little more serious than you did. I know that some of the kids didn't think that I was as cool as they were and that my parents were pretty strict especially when it came to school and my grades but now when I look back at it, I'm glad they were strict. One of the things my parents drilled in our heads was, if you want to be successful in life you must learn how to act, speak and think. Karen, I want you to think before you respond to what I am going to say to you. Hah, hah, hah, hah laughed Karen, you and your fancy words, go ahead girl, say it. Do you really think that you can go into an Employment Office or any business setting and tell someone who ask, what part of the city you live in and you answer “I live in the hood" that the person would take you seriously and hire you? Karen, I know that most of our friends talk slang, but really it is not a universal language as we would like to believe. In fact Karen, it's a language typically restricted. The more we practice it the worse it will be for us when we find ourselves in situations such as today’s interview. Slang may be cool and cute for some but please remember, there is a time and place for it and today was not the time or the place. I think some people speak slang all of the time because they never took the time to learn to speak correctly. They can't or won't speak correctly so they try to put down those who do. Not all people do that but some do and we both know some of those people. You know Jacqueline; I have to agree with you on that. You could say it's taking the easy way out. Karen, after being around so many people speaking slang, we convince ourselves that it is really the right way we should speak and it's not. Karen, being cool and talking slang will not help pay the bills or get you better grades. It will not help you to communicate more effectively or get you a job. Karen I  tried to tell you while we were in school that it is okay to be cool. Cool is being the best person that you can be. Cool is having friends that respect you when you choose to do what is right, even if it is not popular. Cool can just be looking at your reflection in the mirror, being proud of who you see, what you have accomplished and what you are striving to achieve. Karen, I was offered the job at The Best Bank and Trust. Congratulations Jacqueline, I am proud of you. I really wish I had not spent so much time being hip in school but I know it's not too late to turn things around. I'm glad we had this talk Jacqueline I’m going to work on some things. If I need your help can I count on you?  Of course you can Karen, you know you can count on me anytime, we are best friends. Thank you Jacqueline, good luck in your new job, you deserve it.